An Important Message from Bishop Wall!

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and all people of goodwill,
The Most Rev. James S. WallRecent developments have brought about a crisis for the religious liberty of the Catholic Church in the United States of America. The U.S. Government has mandated that every employer, including Catholic institutions, must supply insurance for drugs that can terminate a human life and elective procedures that destroy the fertility of otherwise healthy people.
Failure to comply would bring about thousands of dollars of penalties for every employee, effectively closing down our Catholic hospitals, Catholic schools, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, nursing homes, etc.
Never before in the history of the United States has the Federal Government forced citizens to directly purchase what so directly violates their beliefs. Read More....


Cibola Catholic Community News

Adult Confirmation Class for Baptized Catholics over the age of 21 that have made First Holy Communion will begin on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm at St. Rose Center.

Registrations still being accepted: Call Parish office at 505-285-6645.  Click on "Calendar" link for full schedule.

Catholic Theology and Bible Study for Men (Beer and Bible) with Deacon Lujan resumes on February 1, 2017 at La Ventana Steak House.  Click on "Calendar" above for full schedule.

Welcome to the Cibola Catholic Community!

Our Bishop: The Most Rev. James S. Wall, Fourth Bishop of Gallup.

The Most Rev. James S. WallA Welcome from our local Pastor, The Very Reverend Alberto Avella-Martinez:
Welcome to the Catholic Community of the Western portion of Cibola County in the Diocese of Gallup.
We are the four parishes of St. Teresa of Avila in Grants, St. Vivian in Milan, San Rafael in the village of San Rafael and San Mateo in the village of San Mateo.
We share a Catholic Heritage here in the shadow of Mt. Taylor that is 400 years old.
We embrace all peoples and cultures and invite them to share in the Eucharistic Banquet together with our Bishop, Pastor, priests, deacons, lay ministers and all the baptized as we build the Kingdom of God in the communities of Grants and Milan, San Rafael and San Mateo.

Remember our motto: Four Parishes - For God - For Each Other.

Interview with The Most Rev. James S. Wall on the EWTN Global Catholic Television Network HERE!

Download the Spirituality of Stewardship PDF HERE!


Cibola Information

Clergy and Staff

Bishop: Ordinary of the Diocese of Gallup: Most Reverend James S. Wall
Priests: Pastor - Vicar Forane of the Cibola Vicariate: Very Reverend Alberto Avella -Martinez
Parochial Vicars: Rev. Robert Badger, and Rev. Robert Mathieu
Deacons: Reverend Mr. Larry Chavez, Reverend Mr. Timoteo Lujan, Reverend Mr. Todd Church
Director of Religious Education K-6: Velma Dees
Life Teen/Confirmation: Deacon Todd Church
EDGE: Deacon Todd Church
Financial Officer: Jean Moleres
Parish Secretaries: Emma Montoya - St. Teresa of Avila, Cecilia Mascare├▒as - St. Vivian

Stewardship Prayer

O Father - Most Merciful and Just, You are the provider of all that we are and all that we have. You give us life and generously provide for the needs of living creatures.
So that our community will be prayerful, give each of us the strength and the grace to pray.
So that our worship will be more life giving, give each of us the strength and grace to worship you authentically.
So that our parishes and schools will be welcoming and generous, give each of us the gift of hospitality.
So that our Catholic Communities reach-out to all who suffer, give each of us the grace and the strength to serve you when our brothers and sisters are in distress.
By your Body and Blood we are nourished with your strength - give us the courage to build your Kingdom, we pray through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Funeral Arrangements

We are here to serve you in this time of need.

Call the parish office as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Please do not finalize arrangements with the funeral home before they have been cleared through the parish office.