Diocesan Policy on Funerals, click here.

The family of the deceased should contact the parish office before visiting the funeral home to make arrangements. In this way, a schedule can be agreed upon and schedule conflicts avoided.

Families are invited to participate in the funeral liturgy to the extent that they feel comfortable with. This includes the selection of scripture texts, inviting trained and experienced family members to serve as altar servers and lectors.

Eulogies are generally discouraged and should be limited to the wake, vigil or other gatherings of family and friends but not during the funeral mass.

(The policy for funerals for the Diocese of Gallup can be found at the following link:)


Policy for the Diocese of Gallup on:

Marriage, click here.
Baptism, click here.
Confirmation, click here.


Couples should not set a date before talking to the Pastor. Four months minimum notice is required before a date will be set with the parish. Couples are encourged to attend Engaged Encounter weekend in either Gallup or Albuquerque.


Baptism Instructions are required for parents and godparents prior to the scheduling of the baptism. Instructions are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 3:00 pm at St. Rose Center next to St. Teresa Church in Grants (log building).

Baptisms are conducted on the First Saturday of each month at 10am unless other arrangements have been made.

Parents are encouraged to contact the parish office before the birth of the child in order to fill out the necessary forms.


Contact the Parish Office.

Sponsors for Baptism and Confirmation
Are required to fill out and turn in the following affidavit:

Roman Catholic Diocese of Gallup
St. Teresa of Avila – St. Vivian – San Mateo – San Rafael

Affidavit of Eligibility for the Ministry of Baptism or Confirmation Sponsor

I, ____________________________________________________________

(Please print complete name)

Is proposed as the sponsor for: ___________________________________

(Name of candidate)

Swear to Almighty God and that:


  • I am a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • I am 16 years of age or older.
  • I have made my First Holy Communion and received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • I am not married outside the Catholic Church, nor am I cohabitating (living outside of marriage with someone). If single, I am chaste and thus presumed celibate and not engaging in conjugal (sexual) relations.
  • I am not the parent of the Baptism or Confirmation Candidate.
  • I normally attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) at least once a year, an go to Holy Communion at least one a year in the Easter Season.
  • I understand and accept the responsibility which I undertake as a sponsor for this person. I will assist his/her parents in their Christian duty, and will help this person, by example, word and action, to live as a faithful Christian in communion with, and according to, the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.


____________________________________ ______________________________________
Signature of Sponsor Date


Some have been permitted to serve as sponsors that were not qualified. Unfortunately, many people simply lie to us about their qualifications. There is nothing we can do about this. When non-qualified persons serve as sponsor because they were not truthful to the priest or deacon, then there is public scandal and an injustice is done to the whole community. If you know that unqualified persons have served as sponsors in the past, we apologize and ask you to understand that some are not honest with us in this matter. Nonetheless, qualification for sponsor has nothing to do with how long you have been a member of a parish, nor does it matter how much money you do or do not donate. Sometimes people dishonestly served as sponsor in the past but when they try to do so again they are found to be unqualified. In good conscience, those of us who have the responsibility for preparing people for baptism and confirmation have to teach and abide by the rule of the Church no matter what has happened in the past.


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